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We spent quite a bit of time cursing at this problem. In essence, a SCCM 2012 deployment, where all ‘required’ deployments were simply stuck at ‘Past due – Will be installed’. Clicking ‘Install all required’ worked, but was obviously not an option.

So after plowing through log after log and everything looking fine and dandy; the deployments simply wouldn’t fire; I went though all the client default settings. An lo an behold. The perpetrator was right there, inadvertenty enabled. This setting should not be set, unless; to quote technet:

Enable this option only if one of the following conditions apply:

  • You use a vendor solution that requires this setting to be enabled.
  • You use the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager software development kit (SDK) to manage client agent notifications and the installation of applications and software updates.
If you select this option when neither of these conditions apply, software updates and required applications will not install on clients. This setting does not prevent users from installing applications from the Application Catalog, or prevent packages and programs, and task sequences from being installed on client computers.

16 thoughts on “Past due – Will be installed

  1. T0meck

    So this option “Agent extensions manage the deployment of application and software updates” should be set to “False” to fix problem with “Past due – Will be installed” or should be set to “True” ?

  2. Eric

    Kristoffer, what do you mean by duplicate devices in your device list? We are seeing this problem on our server yets that setting is set to false.

    1. Kristoffer Post author

      If you have multiple devices registered in SCCM with the same name. That could effectively halt all required deployments for those devices.

    1. Kristoffer Post author

      It’s there, but I believe they changed the name of the option. I’ll have to check.

      1. Alex

        I guess it’s the “Additional software manages the deployment of applications and software updates” but this is set to false. Nevertheless my updates still stay at Past du – will be installed….

        I just don’t get where my failure is….

          1. Alex

            No sir. It only occurs on Software Updates. Applications work fine.
            Do you have any Idea?

    1. Chanchal

      This setting is available at administration node > Client Settings > Default client settings > Computer agent


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