3techies is looking for contributors!

Hi all,

this site was originally started as a collaboration between myself (Kristoffer) and two friends who also are in the business. As things have developed, I am pretty much the only active member.

I do feel the site has potential, so I am looking to fill the other slots. If by some turn of events we happen to become more than three, I don’t care!

If you look at the site, you pretty much get the concept. It’s not a one of a kind blog, but my idea has always been to give insight and help with scenarios where I have encountered problems myself, or where I know others have struggled. All while maintaining a best-practice approach, and making it readable.

I am personally deep into most things Microsoft-related; it’s what I do for a living, and I am pretty good at it from what I’m told. My preference would be to add someone with other fields of expertice, such as networking, hardware etc. But that’s not a requirement.

If you’re interested, drop a comment below. Be sure to add your email-address, so I can get in touch (will only be visible to me).

And btw; this is pro-bono stuff, I have adds on the site in a feeble attempt to cover site costs, but that’s pretty much it. If I ever make any money off of this thing, it’ll go to improve the site!


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