Java stuck at loading applet

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Java is so much fun.

So, we had an issue when switching to a new proxy, where Java would simply hang when trying to load an applet. No error message, no obvious traffic being blocked, no authentication problems, nothing.

Enabling tracing in the Java-console gave use this:

network: Connecting with proxy=HTTP @ /(proxy)
network: Connecting with cookie “xxxxxx”
network: Server requesting to set-cookie with “xxxxxx; Path=/”
network: Connecting http://(Domain controller):53/ with proxy=DIRECT

First of all, why in the pruck are you connecting the DC over http and port 53 (DNS)? That makes no sense.

So it would stop there, and NOTHING would happen. After 5-10 minutes, a java box would appear, but that didn’t make a difference.

Solution: Java 8.

Yeah, it’s a bug. Surprise!

Hopefully that might save you guys a couple of days of headache 🙂

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